Drinking more water today is easy.

The first 100% natural aroma

Acquaroma is an instant, liquid, natural aroma for your water.

Drinking more water today is easy: Acquaroma gives a burst of taste to your water! Reach your hydration goal and enjoy the well-being. What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite flavour and start your hydration routine.


One squeeze , many benefits

Acquaroma takes care of your health by offering you all the taste of fruit and helping you, day after day, to drink more water!

It is now known: drinking at least 2 liters of water a day* is recommended to maintain the right level of hydration.
Thanks to Acquaroma you will finally be able to reach your goals without effort ! Just one squeeze makes your water tasty and pleasant to drink.

*Source OMS


Hydration: our best-selling line

With Acquaroma you drink more water… and with more flavour.

Our hydration line is suitable for every need. Take it always with you!

Zero sugar and zero calories

Stay fit without sacrificing taste: Acquaroma helps you drink more water with flavour and calorie free!

Natural flavour, and zero dyes

Acquaroma gives immediate taste to your water without compromise! No dyes and flavors 100% natural.

Instant flavour, zero waiting

With Acquaroma you can now quench your thirst at any time of the day and wherever you want without waiting.

What you will get thanks to Acquaroma

Acquaroma takes care of your health by offering you all the taste of fruit and helping you, day after day, to drink more water!

Our customers have found many benefits including:

Increased hydration 85%
More taste 100%
Feeling of greater well-being 95%

take ACQUAROMA always with you

Hydration and taste ON THE GO

Enjoy Acquaroma wherever you want! In the office, on the road, during sport or during your leisure time.

Just a squeeze and hydration is always with you!

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Discover the latest news and curiosities about hydration, water and a healthy lifestyle!

You too can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of plastic!

Thanks to Acquaroma you can help the environment too!

In fact, a single dispenser will allow you to save over 24  bottles of 500 ml water

What are you waiting for? Try it now!


Frequently asked questions

Do you want to know how to make the most of our products and always carry hydration with you?

For an optimal taste, we recommend making squeezing (2 ml of product) in 500 ml of water.

The taste is adjustable to your needs. You can decide whether to use it in a glass, jug, bottle or flask.

You can decide to use it however you want: glass, jug, bottle or flask.

The format is designed to be practical and comfortable so you can take it anywhere. Being alone 48ml you can also take it with you by plane.

Acquaroma does not contain sugars, but a sweetener, sucralose, which helps balance the natural aroma and give roundness to the taste.

The product is without dyes.

Acquaroma is an instant natural aroma: there are no waiting times.

Acquaroma is a natural aroma. It isn’t a supplement with vitamins therefore you can drink as much as you want without limits.

Acquaroma was designed for the large-scale distribution. All products are available only in the best supermarkets and pharmacies. At the moment there is no online sale.

You can find the ingredients of all our flavours on the back of the package and on our website.

Yes, being a natural flavour with no artificial preservatives, our products are not meant to have a long shelf life. We are committed to ensuring that you have a shelf life of at least 5 months per pack. Once the package is opened , you have 30 days to consume the product.

You can find the expiration date on the bottom of the bottle.

All Acquaroma products contain sucralose, a sweetener.

All our aromas come from a high quality producer, who extracts them from natural sources.

The products is without calories.

Yes, it helps to reduce the impact of plastic, as well as helping you give more taste to the water from the tap.

Yes, as it helps to quench your thirst with taste. Coming soon a dedicated sports line will be developed.

Where can you find us

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You can find Acquaroma in the most prestigious points of sale of the main supermarket chains.

For any information requests, call our free toll-free number!

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