Who we are

A project born from people’s needs.

Our journey

Welcome to ACQUAROMA, a journey born from indomitable passion and many years of experience in the beverage sector. It all took shape from the intuition of offering a healthy alternative to sugary and high-calorie drinks, a drink that could be both nutritious and ecological. Thus, after years of research and study, we wanted to anticipate the needs of the market and decided to offer an innovative solution: a natural aroma , free of sugars and calories.


Our mission

Our mission at ACQUAROMA is simple and direct: to offer a healthier and more enjoyable consumer experience . With our extensive experience in the large-scale distribution, we have developed a range of products that meet this need. From flavour to content, from practicality to the environment, every aspect of our product has been treated with care and respect. With the practical “SQUEEZE” measuring cap, every consumer can adjust the flavour of the drink according to their taste preferences.

We help you drink more water

The pleasant and uncompromising taste of Acquaroma promotes greater hydration. Drinking more water today is simple!

Let's reduce plastic

A small bottle of Acquaroma allows you to add flavour to your water while saving 24 plastic bottles.

Boy Recycling Plastic Bottles at Home

Our commitment

ACQUAROMA is not just a consumer experience; it is also a commitment to sustainability . With our handy “SQUEEZE” packaging, you can save up to 24 plastic 500 ml bottles per pack, thus reducing your carbon footprint. If you choose to use tap water, you will further reduce your CO2 emissions. And with our short and transparent list of ingredients, we are proud to declare that our first two ingredients are the very ones that give our company its name: Water and Aroma.

Our Vision

We recognize that many people find it boring to drink water, therefore, they don’t drink enough. However, with ACQUAROMA, we have transformed the experience of drinking water . ACQUAROMA makes water more interesting and delicious, adding natural flavours of fruit and plants without added sugar. In a few seconds, with a simple “SQUEEZE”, you can enjoy a refreshing and tasty drink. Water no longer has to be boring – ACQUAROMA is here to make it pleasant, healthy and responsible.

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